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Donington Manor is a landmark building within the village of Castle Donington. Conceived and built in 1794 by the Marquis of Hastings, it was originally named The Rawdon Hotel providing rest and refreshment to weary travelers on the stagecoach routes between Nottingham and Ashby.

The advent of steam railways in the 19th Century saw a drop in horse drawn coach travel and a reduction in need for overnight road-side accommodation and stabling. This resulted in the closure of The Rawdon Hotel in 1850. It was then used as lodges for the judges to live in for the Magistrates Courts around 1911 and following this the building became a grand private residence owned by the Shields family. In the lead up to the Great War the house became home to Belgian refugees and Commander Bruel occupied the house from 1918 to 1950. It was then converted back into a hotel in 1969 and became part of the Finesse Collection portfolio in 2001.

Donington Manor Hotel features prominently within the village's Local Heritage Trail with many visitors stopping to admire the original features, including the horse steps at the front of the building, service bells in the old scullery (now The Gun Room) and original fireplaces throughout the main house.


Firstly, to all our wonderful guests we are delighted to welcome you back to the hotel!

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